When buy to let properties were known as the easier and straightforward option with landlords getting plenty of benefits from this in their monthly income. However, it is changing now and will keep going.

The new law in 2015 was introduced known as Section 24 of the Finance bill which had taken away all mortgage tax relief for landlords but will start to affect nearly all of the buy to let investors as of this year!

It is proving tougher to get a mortgage or a buy to let mortgage and especially considering these changes are happening with tax. Buy to let mortgages were introduced in 2017 and predicting raises of interest rates and changes in legalisation meaning landlords are left wondering if it is actually worth staying in the investment game.

Recent figures have shown that young adults are less likely to own a home at a given age than those born only 5 or ten years earlier. These results show that young people are now facing a crisis if they want to get on the property ladder and finding it almost impossible to afford a home of their own.

With all of this in mind, if you are thinking about becoming a buy to let landlord, you really need to have a hard think about this as the application process is getting a lot harder and you may not receive any advantages of renting out your property and may just lose money.


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